No one else has posted anything to this board for almost 2 weeks, do I'll try to jump-start or restart the discussion by listing, in a somewhat updated form, questions that I posed in email and online messages during my earlier phase of Gosford research and "fact-finding."

1) Ms. Westermann, I'm still awaiting with great interest your response and any additional material you may have.

2) In light of the welter of conflicting statements and eyewitness experiences regarding the recent carving vs. recarving of the stone surfaces, and the widely disparate scenarios presented for the age and modern discovery of the glyphs, I strongly urge anyone to come forward with solid evidence testifying to the carved or uncarved state of the Gosford rock surfaces anytime prior to the early 1980s. This includes photographs, contemporary (1980s or earlier) drawings, diaries, letters, postcards, reports of any kind. This information should also include affidavits regarding visiting or finding the site prior to the early 1980s and the state of the site at the time. I say affidavits or rigorously documented and verified statements that would carry legal weight, in order to cut through the accumulation of "he said -- she said" statements that seem to elude confirmation.

3) A lot has been said about various culprits including archaeology students. I think it would be most helpful if anyone who perpetrated any carving at any time at the site would come forward, with legal immunity if possible if this could be arranged by the relevant authorities, and explain exactly what they carved, how, when and why, as well as the meaning of what they carved and the nature of their scholarly background (if any). Such people must be willing to have their accounts "cross-examined." The same goes for anyone who may have taken credit for any carving at the site at any time.

4) A number of statements, including the culpability of students and the alleged copying of the carvings from a book in the Sydney U. Library, were made on the website of Paul White, who never responded to any of my snail mail or email messages over many months as I attempted to gather and winnow reliable information. I am still interested in getting to the bottom of these questions.

I look forward to any information that might shed light on any of these or related questions. I thank in advance everyone who responds.

Edmund S. Meltzer, PhD