Utah is having its Prehistory Week from May 6 to 13th. There are various things happening all over the State. You will have to contact museums or such in each area, to find out what is going on.

I do have some information on what is going on at the Fremont State Park, between Cove Fort on I-15/I-70 and Richfield on I-70. The weekend of May 5th to the 7th is having a Mountain Man Rendezvous and a Knap-In.

For the Rendezvous, Friday will be a lot of rifle, pistol, and archery shooting. Saturday has similar things, as well as a cannon shoot, at 4pm. Sunday will just be demos, which also occur the other 2 days.

As for the Knapping, that appears to go all 3 days. I'm not sure exactly what will be done each day, but I think I remember classes and such in how to knap.

You can get information on the Knap-In at Fremont, as well as other Knapping opportunities, at www.utahknapping.com/ .

Also, on Saturday, there will be an Atlatl competition at Fremont.

On May 9 and May 12, there is a 5-mile hike with an archeologist. On May 13, Saturday, there will be Atlatl throwing in the afternoon.

There are some other activities at Fremont State Park as well, but I guess you'll have to call them to find out. A link for them is www.stateparks.utah.gov/p...remont.htm

The CEU museum, in Price, also appears to be doing stuff for Prehistory week. Unfortunately, I didn't get much information, other than to call Chanelle at 435-637-5060 if you want to know more. There will be lectures from UFOP and CVAS, Dinofest on the 12th, and family activity day on the 13th. Beyond that, I really don't know.

(Ah, UFOP appears to be Utah Friends of Paleontology. I was wondering if that was something to do with UFOs or maybe be the United Federation of Planets. CVAS is the Castle Valley Archeological Society. I have no idea who they are.)