I realise that This cache is old hat to many but i thought it worth a revue. The treasury of the Confederacy was placed on a train. an officer was given sealed orders to be opened at McLeansville. They stated he was to bury the steel pots at various locations along the tracks from there to 16 miles towards Company Shop which is now Burlington. The pots were to be buried, in 3's on either side of the tracks ,3' deep, and not over 100 paces from the track.  He was to mark the locations on the map. To make a long story short the map is gone. Now here's my assumption. There must have been something at these places so he would know where to stop. A crossroad, a building, an odd geogoly formation, something of note.   I went looking for this cache, but it was before I knew the 16 mile limit mentioned and I was looking beyond that on the outskirts of Burlington. Interesting side note: A state trooper puled up and ask me what I was doing. I told him. He wished me luck. His brother is a treasure hunter. Anything to add anyone, or anyone want to get together to look for this? 50/50? I am in Maryland, I can drive there in a day easily.