AHRF Open Membership

Explorers and researchers alike are constantly making new and exciting historical discoveries.

Piece by piece the puzzle of the past comes together, providing a better understanding of the complex history of our world.

Founded in 2004, The Ancient Historical Research Foundation (AHRF) was created to research, locate, organize and document historic and ancient history as it comes into view.

Societal biases, personal agendas among the academic community and layman alike, disinformation, and misinformation have had a tremendous influence on the way humans in general view the past. The goal of the AHRF is to discover the truth, wherever it may lead ...

We would like to inform you of the opportunity that you now have to be a member of the AHRF!

If you have not done so already, we encourage you to check us out by visiting the AHRF homepage at :


… and … if you like what you see, we invite you to join with us and help us in unearthing the truth through science and technology by registering your user account on the AHRF website today!

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